Morelos, México  |  World Trade Center  | 25 - 27  May, 2021

Call for Papers

CEE 2021

Convención de Electricidad y Energía 2021

The Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (Morelos Goverment), the Council of Science and Technology of the Morelos State and the Educational and Specialties Institute are pleased to announce Call for Papers for the 1st CEE 2021 Convention to be held in Morelos, México during May 25th -27th, 2021.

CEE 2021 is a Premier Convention providing a forum for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present and discuss latest research findings, ideas, and emerging technologies and applications in the area of power systems integrations, business models, technological advances, policies and regulatory frameworks for the American continent. The conference will feature keynote addresses and invited presentations by distinguished scientists and engineers. Technical papers are solicited on any subject pertaining to the scope of the conference, which includes, but is not limited to, the following major topics:

International and National Regulations

Efficient Cogeneration and Service Quality

Energy Sustainability: Water Construction and Social

Energy Efficiency

Distributed Generation and Smart-Grids

Oil transformation

Distribution Facilities: Substations, Lines and Cables

Electric Mobility

Aeronautical Electricity

Nuclear Power Systems

Smart Cities, IoT & Data Centers

Rail Systems

Conference Templates

Steps for submission

1. Create your manuscript(s).

2. Proof-read and check the format of your manuscript (do this before going to IEEE PDF eXpress).

3. Create IEEE PDF eXpress account.

4. Upload source file(s) for Conversion; and/or PDF(s) for Checking.

5. When notified, obtain your Xplore-compatible PDF(s). The site contains extensive instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support.

6. Submit the properly formatted, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s) to CEE 2021 Convention website via EasyChair (use Proceedings Role).

7. Submit completed Copyright Form

Valuable Tips for authors:

First send a 200 word abstract that allows you to consider your work. If you are going to publish in Spanish, make sure the summary also includes the English version of: title, summary and keywords.

Accepted and submitted papers will be included in the publication of the CEE 2021Convention (Proceedings) and will be sent to IEEE Xplore®.

Make sure the items are checked and verified for accuracy before shipping. No major changes can be made during the review process. If accepted, minor changes may be made before the final presentation.

Remember: <Papers submitted in Spanish> must include title, abstract and keywords in English.

The articles will be evaluated by a Specialized Technical Committee, their review will be their sole responsibility and their decisions will be final.

The works must be unpublished and should not be sent to another Conference (avoid being newsletter)

The papers to be submitted must be in English or Spanish, up to 6 pages in conference format.


Detailed Instructions:

Final manuscripts are to be submitted in IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF format via EasyChair.

Step 1

Create your manuscript as specified in the template provided. The title, author names, affiliations, etc. should strictly follow the format. Please don’t use author titles (Dr., Prof., Ing., etc.) in front of names and avoid using positions (Professor, Lecturer, Scholar, Ing., etc.). The paper title shall be in normal fonts (NOT UPPERCASE). You can download the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings here.

Step 2

Proofread and check the layout of the paper. All papers submitted through EasyChair are considered to be in their final form and ready for publication. Do not submit your paper until you are ready. A good suggestion is to have a few colleagues review your paper to provide final remarks on its suitability before submitting it.

Manuscript length: 7 pages maximum. This is a strict page limit

Step 3

Go to IEEE PDF eXpress Website. 

First-time users:

  1. Click “New Users – Click Here”.
  2. Enter 00000XP for the Convention ID, your email address, and choose a new password. Continue to enter information as prompted.
  3. Check that the contact information is still valid and click “Submit”.
  4. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.

Returning users:

  1. Enter 00000XP for the Convention ID, email address and password.

Step 4

Upload source file(s) for conversion

  1. For each conference paper, click “Create New Title”.
  2. Enter identifying text for paper (title is recommended but not required).
  3. Click “Submit PDF for Checking”  or “Submit Source Files for Conversion”.
  4. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click “Upload File”. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload.

Step 5

You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for Checking, the email will show if your file passed or failed

Step 7

Copyright Form

In order to be published in the conference proceedings, all accepted papers MUST be accompanied by a signed IEEE Copyright Form.  Information on submitting the form Coming Soon!!

If you have any questions, contact CEE 2021 Call For Paper Committee at cfp@electricityconvention.org or at Technical Program Chair tpc@electricityconvention.org.

  • Paper, Poster and Presentation Templates
  • Poster presentation template – Coming Soon!
  • Oral presentation template – Coming Soon!

Step 6

If the PDF submitted fails the PDF check:

  1. Submit your source file for conversion by clicking Try Again, the Submit Source Files for Conversion, or
  2. Read the PDF Check report, then click “The PDF Check Report” in the sidebar to get information on possible solutions, or
  3. “Request Technical Help” through your account.

If you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF:

  1. Resubmit your source file with corrections (Try Again, then Submit Source Files for Conversion), or
  2. Submit a PDF by clicking Try Again, then Submit PDF for Checking, or
  3. “Request a Manual Conversion” through your account.

If the PDF submitted passed the PDF Check, or you are satisfied with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF:

Submit your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF to CEE 2021 website via Easychair (use Proceedings Role). Please note that PDF Xpress only creates the PDF files for you, and you should still submit the converted “Certified by IEEE PDF eXpress” file, with an exact date and time stamp to CEE 2021 online submission system via EasyChair.

* Convention Rescheduled from 2020 to 2021 on the Status of Global Health Restrictions